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Steps to Freedom

  1. Watch this video
  2. Join the Freedom Cells
  3. ₿uy ₿itcoin
  4. Get Gold
  5. Listen to the experts.
  6. Help LBRY Save Crypto
  7. Do some research
  8. Share your knowledge
  9. Join the Free State Project
  10. Join the Free State Project Freedom Cell
  11. Defend the Crypto 6
  12. Come to Porcfest
  13. Stay for Forkfest
  14. Join the Quillage conversation
  15. Move to New Hampshire
    1. Get involved
    2. Grow food
    3. Meet people
    4. Form community
    5. Trade services
    6. Learn skills
  16. Celebrate Freedom!

Live Free or Die: Death is not the worst of evils.

John Stark | July 31, 1809

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